Civil Law and Litigation


Our Firm’s primary Litigation Counsel is Kez U. Gabriel, Esq. While firmly believing in resolving disputes expeditiously through negotiation or mediation as the case may be, Dr. Gabriel realizes that issues of power and resources confronted in and through law  sometimes have to be fought out by means of litigation as the only viable remedy against continued abuse of power.

Accordingly, whether it is in medical malpractice, personal injury or contract disputes, we will go head to head against any opposing parties and attorneys that are depriving our clients of their legal rights and interests in a wide range of civil or non-criminal matters. Apart from the myriad disputes that play out at different levels of State courts, included here will be those areas of administrative or agency hearings involving schools, employment agencies, and other regulatory entities.

Commercial Transactions

We provide representation and legal services for individuals and businesses in a wide range of commercial transactions, including commercial contracts, purchase and sale agreements, franchising agreements, agency and distributorship agreements, joint venture partnership agreements, non-competition clauses, non-disclosure agreements, entity formation options, and debtor-creditor relations.

International Law and Appellate Practice

Our Firm’s primary Criminal, Litigation and Appellate Counsel is Kez U. Gabriel, Esq. In addition to prosecuting appeals in both Federal and State Courts as a strategic practice driven by resource availability and the value of the rights and interests implicated, Dr. Gabriel represents clients at the intersection of both public and private international law. Generally, ‘international law consist of rules and principles of general application dealing with the conduct of states and intergovernmental organizations and with their relations inter se, as well as with some of their relations with persons, natural or juridical.’

Practically, the public law international treaties, customs, general principles, as well as judicial decisions and scholarly writings in terms criminal law, child abduction/kidnapping, human rights, sex trafficking, protected social groups, armed conflict, refugees, etc, have their greatest meaning when actual human beings are caught up in their net as offenders in need of defense, as victims in search of legal and political redress, or even as parties, families or communities  in conflict.

According as practicable and enforceable, we initiate or defend actions in Federal courts mindful of the occasional concurrent jurisdiction of State courts, the possibility of pending actions in foreign  courts, and the potential interests of selected agencies of both foreign and domestic governments. From divorce actions in two countries involving  spouses of international organizations, to family member child abduction/kidnapping actions being litigated under the Hague Convention, to allegations of human rights violations by foreign nationals brought in domestic forums, this fascinating area of practice requires creativity, time and resources to match its complexity. In this era of globalization, such transnational practice is here to stay and is likely to increase.

The other area of our international law practice is international business transactions. These include garden variety commercial contracts, MOUs and MOIs, letters of credit, international sale of goods, agency and distributorship agreements, joint venture partnership agreements, foreign investment and international project finance, repatriation of profits, agreements respecting technology transfer or/and the sharing of intellectual property, as well as assistance with various forms of dispute resolution. As truly global, international and well-travelled persons, we are able to assist clients doing business in diverse cultures and circumstances in addition to providing confidential guidance on political stability and the economic viability of any proposed ventures.

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