We have two primary attorneys and a number of affiliate or visiting attorneys:

Oti W. Nwosu, Esq.,
Managing Attorney

Attorney Oti W. Nwosu Oti W. Nwosu, Esq., is the Firm’s Managing Attorney. Ms. Nwosu studied law in the United States, England and Nigeria, and is licensed to practice law in both the United States and abroad. In addition to an initial stint with The Wright Law Network, she previously spent ten years with the non-profit Immigrant Outreach Service Center, Inc., serving the immigration legal needs of both Americans and immigrants from all over the world.

She has a unique understanding of the immigrant experience and maintains an active and extensive immigration law practice, including detained cases, asylum cases, adjustment of status cases, VAWA cases, family/marriage green card petitions, employment petitions, and consular cases.

Ms. Nwosu’s immigration practice spans the USCIS, ICE, Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit as the case may be.

Ms. Nwosu also has an active personal injury practice in addition to handling some traffic and medical malpractice cases.


Kez U. Gabriel, Esq., 
Criminal, Litigation & Appellate Counsel

Attorney Kez GabrielKez U. Gabriel, Esq., is the Firm’s primary Criminal, Litigation & Appellate Counsel. Dr. Gabriel spent ten years as an academic in the social-behavioral sciences and international development studies before studying law in both Canada and the United States.

His first courtroom experience was as a legal agent handling petty criminal/traffic and civil matters in the provincial courts of Alberta, Canada. Upon admission to the Maryland Bar, Dr. Gabriel spent his first five years as an American lawyer practicing in many substantive areas of the law with the Africa Legal, Civil and Human Rights Center, Inc., Gabriel J. Christian & Associates, LLC, and Law Group International, Chartered.

He initially maintained a visiting status with the Law Office of Oti W. Nwosu, LLC, before finally joining forces with the Firm to prosecute seriously disputed personal injury and medical malpractice cases.  His practice areas include Litigation and Legal Consulting, Criminal, Traffic and White Collar Defense, Accidents and Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice Litigation, Family/Marriage and Divorce, Immigration, Commercial  Transactions, International Law and General Practice.

Dr. Gabriel also conducts Federal and Appellate practice in addition to his academic writings and adjunct professorships in area universities.

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